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At ClosingSales.com we provide solutions to prospecting problems, getting out of voice jail, telephone tag that never ends, sales strategies that seem to sour, & marketing materials that need the right message to get a customer's attention.
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Prospecting Pointers
Studies show 87% of sales staff would rather call on existing prospects than find new opportunities. Does calling on prospects who never buy grow your bottom line?

Telephone Techniques:
95% of business to business sales end in some form of a "maybe" answer from the prospect. Less than 15% of businesses train their staff to use proper phone techniques.

Sales Strategies:
Are you selling using a 1970’s, 80’s, or 90’s style? If you’ve upgraded your computer, why not update your selling skills?

Marketing Materials:
A famous business author once said, “If it’s all about you, you’re through!” Does your marketing focus all about your products or services or, does the material engage the prospect?